A collection of my projects from work experience, classroom experience, and hackathons.
My github and bitbucket repos are set to private due to NDAs, and other confidential agreements, but message me if you want to learn more!
Work Experience
Facebook Inc.
Incoming Software Engineering Intern
LinkedIn Corporation
User Interface Engineering Intern
General Motors 
UX Design/Software Developer Intern
Teaching Experience
CS 198 Introduction to Web Design
Content Developer
Relevant Coursework
Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems
Artificial Intelligence
Operating Systems
Data Structures and Advanced Programming
Introduction to Database Systems
Introduction to Data Science
Designing Information Devices and Systems
Industrial Design and Human Factors
The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Great Ideas in Computer Architecture
Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory
Website Design
Critical Making
Java, Git, HTML5, JavaScript/jQuery, SQL, Python, C
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